Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why My Nana Hates Me

Ok. My Nana doesn’t actually hate me. I’m just a pain in her ass.
We had a conversation back in October that went something like this:
Me: “Nana, what are you going to be for Halloween this year?!”Nana: “Ooooh, probably nothing. What are you going to be?”Me: “You.”
My Nana made a pretty hilarious face and laugh after that.
Well, Halloween rolled around, and I never dressed like my Nana. So what do I do? Dress like my Nana for Christmas of course.
Normally stealing from your grandparents is frowned upon, but I figured just this one time would be acceptable. While they were at deer camp with no chance of catching me in the act, I snuck into their house and stole a very fancy cardigan that belongs to my Nana. When I say fancy, I mean fancy. Take your average black cardigan, throw on a few poinsettias and gold beads and there you have it – my Nana’s Christmas cardigan.
I rolled up to their house for our family Christmas but had a coat on over the surprise of the season. I walked in the kitchen and proceeded to remind my Nana of the Halloween costume conversation, as well as inform the rest of the family of why they were about to see me in, literally, a grandma sweater. My grandma turned about as red as the poinsettias I was wearing and I lost count of the tears of laughter that were rolling down her rosy cheeks.
Long story short, I’d say it was a pretty eventful Christmas.
From the Depths of Megan's Mind: How can there be so many leftovers in my kitchen but I still don't have anything to eat for lunch? Turkey, chicken spaghetti, sweet potatoes.. Grilled cheese it is.

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